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Phenomenal is the word of the day when I think of the last two weeks. Something that can only be known through the senses rather than through thought or intuition. A truly remarkable experience. I collect videos and stories for you because I want you to know and see with your own eyes (and ears) the fruit of your hard earned dollars . Seeing the in-kind gifts being put to good use in the development of youth. Seeing their transformation as I see it. When it happens and when I recognize it.

As a parent I know that my children will develop long before I recognize it. Then one day I look at them differently and I see the change. I see myself in them and realize that through all the yakking and nagging they listened and understood. It’s no different here. In a way, these are my children and Iove them dearly; and I love watching them grow wiser and into young adults.

Let me tell you about these phenomenal youth who just cycled close to 700 miles (wrong turns and backtracks included) to learn about an American history that they will not hear about in their social studies class. 

I’ll start from the ending and work my way back. Yesterday at dinner the youth were finally all together in one room with no lines between them. No BRAG Dream Team on this side and no Spoke’n Revolutions on that side. Each youth intermingled with the one person they made the most connection with and they were laughing and breaking bread together. Breaking bread in itself being a tradition of fellowship. Well before this moment on the final 15 miles of the tour I was told that there was going to be a youth party and adults were not invited. I laughed and agreed. They needed time to be themselves.

Camilo-A Natural Leader
Tod and I witnessed a very proud moment when we looked ahead and the 15 youth peloton was being lead by Camilo, a first time adventure youth cyclist whom we had been grooming to be a ride leader. As with most bike lanes the one they were traveling on ended abruptly at a segment of the road that had a right turn only lane. To the right of them it began. When the turn lane faded the bike lane to the left began again and it was beautiful to see him steer them back onto that path. They traveled like a flock of birds moving gracefully in line and in synch with one another led by the one person they trusted.  All I could do was glance back at Tod and ask if he had just witnessed what I had.  We could have ended the tour right then and would have been the happiest two me alive for a moment.

Abeo complained on the second day that she didn’t like to be last and wondered why it was that she was in the back struggling to keep up? I explained to her that there were many factors, including that this was her first cross country tour. Much of it was simply that the bike she was riding was over 25 years old. Sure, it rode fine and was in great condition (due to expert mechanic work) but technology has changed and bikes can move more efficiently now. So when the BRAG Dream Team loaned her a bike from their stable of newer bikes she began riding with the lead group (fast group, in other words) and never looked back. She’s a natural at distance cycling.

Hla Win-Positive Surprises
She was one of the greatest and positive surprises from this tour. Hla Win showed eagerness and determination from the start. She started off as a shy high schooler but really opened up on this tour; laughing and smiling more. Due to family commitments she was unable to attend many of the training rides so she had to perform rides on her own around town and her neighborhood.That’s why we had concern about her level of physical preparedness.  But she was ready. By the middle of the first week she was riding with confidence and a steady pace of the middle cyclists. Great job, Hla Win!!

Ree Ree-Ever Effervescent 
Ree Ree is one of the Triangle Bikeworks Youth Board Members and she joined us two days into the tour due to familial commitments.  She also had to train away from the group by creating her own routes. She would cycle to the family farm in the mornings and cycle back in the afternoons after the work was done. She didn’t miss a beat (or pedal stroke) and performed well by staying with the middle group of cyclists.

Joanna-The Captain
Joanna is the team captain and Youth Board Member. I depended heavily on her to be my connection to the dynamics of the SnR group and, subsequently, the dynamic of both youth organizations were doing. It was she who pointed out at Huntington State Beach that the two groups had begun to form their bonds of friendship. That day the two teams had now started to become one.

Ke’air-Full of Life
Ke’air is one of the youngest members of the BRAG Dream Team whom I met on last year’s tour. His return this year was met with lots of excitement because he was a favorite of Itza and Jeimy. Ke’air also turned 13 on this tour. He’s strong, has a great sense of humor and the perfect disposition for a long distance cycling tour.

Cienna- Accepting the Challenge
Cienna was a member of the BRAG Dream Team from many years ago and returned for this historic tour. It was also a reunion of sorts because I knew her as a baby when I lived in Atlanta over 13 years ago. She put all she had into this tour and found that it was more challenging mentally than it was physically for her. She was able to conquer both challenges and come out smiling. 

Zaid (Za-Yeed)-The Natural
A bit squirrelly on the bike, he rode with the pedals on his arches. His cadence was a pedal-pedal-coast, pedal-pedal-coast rhythm. It drove the other youth cyclists absolutely NUTS. He was also new to the BRAG Dream Team as it was his grandmother who brought him along as she was also on her first tour as SAG driver. It was hard to break thru to Zaid because he didn’t know anyone either from BRAG Dream Team or Spoke’n Revolutions. By the second week he was starting the “gel” with the SnR team and his cadence improved significantly (not because of it, just did). I remarked to him that I was in awe of his natural ability to cycle because he was going at a clip of 18mph in sandals! It wasn’t even making him break a sweat. I’m looking forward tp good things in the future coming from this young man in cycling and other activities.

Fernando, Diallo and Micco – Mr.’s Dependable
There’s something to be said about being steady and dependable. The skill is under-rated but everyone depends on it. Fernando, Diallo and Micco are very dependable young men. When asked to get something done they’re on the job and I appreciate that. It could have been pulling a rider, riding in the middle enjoying the company or sweeping from the back to ensure no one is left behind. Their role was necessary.

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