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Mile Markers – How Much A Dollar Cost

Kevin Hicks

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How Much A Dollar Cost

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Last time we updated you on status of the videos was in September. OMG, I’m still working on the final two! I promise you, they’re coming.

If you didn’t know, the first two days are published and you can view them here: https://spokenrevolutions.org/guge-tod

You Voted. We Felt Supported

The campaign for local ended with a success! Ten of our great local nonprofits were given the opportunity to receive an advertising grant from WCHL.

You helped us make a good run of it. We came from #29 to #12! We couldn’t have done that without your support, encouragement, Love, and quick fingers.

It was nice to see an election where you were encouraged to vote more than once and it was OK. We’re happy to land at #12 because we think we’re great, you think we’re great, and we run a great program for the youth in our community.

Thank you for being there for us when we needed you. Just like you are for the kids.

Leveling the Playing Field of Mountain Biking

Since its conception Triangle Bikeworks has wanted to form a team with the North Carolina Interscholastic Cycling League. That dream was set aside when I assisted in the heavy lift of getting the league started and becoming successful. We’ve never given up on the goal of introducing youth of color in our region to the sport of mountain biking.

Our goals are simple: to open the doors of possibility for physical and cognitive development that mountain biking offers to the segment of our population that is being left out.

The events of Wednesday, Oct 21, blew my mind. I woke extra early to meet a young man as he embarked on a personal journey of running the 77 miles of Segment 10 of the Mountains to Sea Trail. Nathan Toben was attempting to run that distance as the Fastest Known Time for that segment. I wasn’t aware this competition existed. Maybe you didn’t, either. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know Nathan before he contacted me at the beginning of summer.

Nathan reached out to me because he wanted to use a passion of Ultra Running to benefit Triangle Bikeworks. Nathan runs ultra distances. An ultra distance is typically any distance beyond 26.2 miles. Just before sunrise Me, Itza, the youth and volunteers of Triangle Bikeworks, watched Nathan as he ran off into the darkness.

Early reports of him reaching milestones were encouraging. At the 48 mile mark he was close to 30 minutes ahead of schedule. But as the afternoon wore on, and the heat of the day was beginning to reach it’s peak of 82, he began to suffer. The last few weeks of training weather had been cool. It became clear that this was not going to be an easy task even with all the preparations that were made. Additional reports of him losing electrolytes only increased my nail biting.

Nathan was putting his body on the line for the youth of Triangle Bikeworks. Sure, this was something he wanted, and was, going to do anyway. But I can’t help but think that during his run we were on his mind, driving him and adding to his purpose. There were many supporters he brought to this personal effort to reach his goal of raising $5,000 for the youth of Triangle Bikeworks. He surpassed that goal. I’m sure that fact also raised his spirits and kept him going. I can only imagine what was going through his mind as he pushed passed his pain to continue on. And once he’s rested I plan to ask him.

I don’t know what was going through Nathan’s mind as he ran. I see his pushing through to make every step count for every dollar donated the same as your daily grind to make a hard earned dollar. In turn, you make the choice to donate to Triangle Bikeworks. I am just as in awe of you as I am of Nathan.

For Nathan, every minute mattered, every second counted. Your time, as precious as it is, can sometimes be quantified in dollar amounts. We are humbled that you share your precious time to invest in the youth of Triangle Bikeworks.

Nathan finish the 77 mile run in a (unofficial) record time of 12hrs 23mins 24secs.

Innovating and Moving Forward

COVID-19 is a heavy thought. When I think deeply on it the sheer number of people affected, infected, and have died from the virus can be overwhelming. Me and Michelle continue to take

precautions to maintain our safety. I hope you are, as well. With this going

on so long it’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security and let your

guard down. DON’T.

Sabe Thumbs Up

If you find you’re going a little stir crazy cause you can’t get out as often as you’d like

remember there are youth who also have this problem. We should be able to use our

wisdom, experience, and creativity to encourage them to get outdoors and be active!

Don’t forget you should be active, Too!

We continue to try and innovate for the youth. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts have started to burn the youth out.

But it’s one way we can get in front of them and have a conversation with teammates that’s not around too much structured education (But… just like good parents, we’ll slip in the education with the vegetables and they’ll learn something new before they know it)

I took a ride with David a few weeks ago and, as always, we had a great conversation.

We talked about his week of school, his new puppy (I don’t think he knows how big a Great Pyrenees gets). We also talked about how COVID is affecting him and his school work. It’s 360 degrees of challenges.

He spoke about how he’s affected. You can watch the video here.

Other youth have expressed similar affects of COVID. I mean, school was the great big event in a young person’s life. Now it’s reduced to a few hours online. In the same room. Of the same house. Around the same people. Every day.

At Triangle Bikeworks we’re committing ourselves to getting youth outdoors to break the monotony of their current daily lives. Even if it’s just an hour over the weekend. Thanks for being there to help us do our part.

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