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A Holiday Wish For All

Kevin Hicks

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Happy Holidays from Triangle Bikeworks

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Also This MonthTour Planning

It’s dang near Dead Winter and I know most of you aren’t thinking about summer. But we are. This is the time we start planning what we’re gonna do and where we’re gonna go.

Yeah, COVID-19 is still raging around the country but we still gotta have a plan. Nothing’s quite nailed down for the destination in 2021 but it’s going to be amazing.

Some ideas push us south, then west. Other ideas have us start in the south and move north and to the east. Whatever route we choose we want it to focus on Black and Hispanic history. We’re still percolating on the theme but for sure, we’ll be ready for this summer’s virtual tour. Keep an eye out for that.

As a matter of interest, those three things; summer, doing, and going remind me of a very special person in the Triangle Bikeworks family: Fernando Sanchez

TYMBR Wolves Mountain Biking

One Battle Won

Last month I clued you in on our petition to have a mountain biking team under the umbrella of the North Carolina league of NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling League). I’m happy to update that after a renewed conversation we were granted Composite Team status and registered the TYMBR Wolves as a NCICL team!

It’s the first step in our goal to introduce mountain biking to a broader audience that will have the joy and beauty of riding trails while experiencing positive mentoring, cognitive development, and boosts in confidence. Also, in our small way, we’ll be adding our voices to those who are calling for the values of diversity and inclusion to be realized in the sport of mountain biking.

You can help us with the next step: Raising money to support the team.

We want to introduce 20 BIPOC youth to the sport of mountain biking. It’ll be an interesting hill to climb as the cost to play on the field of organized youth cycling is high. But with your help we can do this!

$350 is all it takes to invest in one youth to obtain confidence through cycling, experiential learning, and leadership opportunities throughout the year.

Whether it’s $10 one time, per month, or $100 even. Your investment allows Triangle Bikeworks to empower youth to conquer fear, achieve audacious goals, and discover who they really want to be. #bikingsmysport


We’re reaching youth who are rediscovering a love for biking, self-discovery, and adventure.

COVID-19 has seriously curtailed physical activities and social interactions with peers; those who were vulnerable before are even more so, now.

Triangle Bikeworks relieves some of the pressures of the pandemic by providing outdoor, socially distanced, activities where youth can feel a sense of normalcy as they adapt to this new normal for the next six months to a year.

Riding, weekly check-ins, and friendly familiar faces is what’s making a difference.

Spotlight on Fernando Sanchez

Fernando, affectionately known as Fern, has been a member of the Triangle Bikeworks family since his sophomore year in high school. He discovered TBW as a freshman through a presentation in his English class.

He was drawn by the genuine appeal for youth to get involved in adventure cycling. And the idea of biking and camping sounded awesome to him!

His first tour was the 2013 Bikes, Blues & Soul, cycling along the Mississippi River Trail from New Orleans, LA to St. Louis, MO. It was the last of Triangle Bikeworks’ epic 30-day tours. Fern draws strength from his experience of cycling 30 days without voluntarily getting into the van. He remembers pushing himself to succeed and bike every mile the whole time. It was incredible for him to feel that he could do something like that.

“It is very eye-opening to be able to go to different parts of the country especially if you don’t have the opportunity to do it (on your own). It’s amazing to see different places that you’re not used to, and experience different cultures around the country. There’s so much diversity “

Fern finds it important to “Do something that you know that it’s only you pushing yourself to finish, instead of having to rely on anybody else. We ride as a team but when you’re cycling, that’s your own mental and physical abilities going at work.”

Fern loves riding his bike.

His biggest challenge on that first tour was the proximity to everyone. He knew it was something he needed to work through. Something he needed to get used to. His remedy was being outdoors, cycling, camping, and enjoying nature.

“It taught me a lot about leadership and becoming the person that I am. Not being afraid to venture out into something new… in the end, it’s only you that’s going to push yourself forward.”

Since he’s graduated, Fern has never left our side. He’s been our trusted SAG driver for over four years taking time off from school and work to give back in the best way he knows how. Making sure youth like him have the best experience possible.

“Its amazing to see how close everyone gets by the end of the tour. And it’s the same for every trip. It’s so great to see that. I still see it. I still see everyone grow together.”

“The experience itself is once in a lifetime and an experience that you want to have.”

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