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Than That

Looking Beyond The Cover To The Rest Of The Story

What We Do

Triangle Bikeworks creates organized cycling and educational opportunities to empower youth who are Black, Latine (lahteen-eh), Indigenous, and People Of Color to overcome challenges, achieve audacious goals, and discover their true selves.

You’re Here

Myriad reasons brought you to us.

Your interest in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and the nation and state of NC’s current focus on it.

Our focus on the environmental issues for our land and instilling that desire to preserve it for generations in the youth that will follow us.

How we empower youth by having them discover Untold History by means only they can provide – by bike.

In these final days of the year we want you to be inspired to give back and invest in the youth of Triangle Bikeworks. You can now give via Donor Advised Funds.

For the many reasons you’re here, we’re thankful.

Engaging Youth In Experiential Learning

Working with youth to improve academic outcomes and a capacity to work with others to co-create a more healthy, just and equitable world.

Social Emotional Learning

Biking Is The Catalyst

Social emotional learning is the thread that runs through all learning pathways and goals and ties them all together. We focus primarily on 3 of 5 competencies and sub-skills from the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL):

Cycling & SEL

By giving youth of color access to organized cycling–a sport to which they’ve traditionally had limited access–we hope to support them in…

  • developing self-efficacy, grit, and a growth mindset to break through barriers and overcome challenges
  • developing accurate self-assessment of their strengths and challenges, and 
  • developing self management skills so they can set and achieve audacious goals

Untold History & SEL

By uncovering the untold history, TBW supports youth in…

  • developing healthy identities and perspectives of themselves, their ancestors, and their communities
  • increasing their awareness of their own biases, beliefs, and feelings and how these impact their behaviors and aspirations
  • developing social and cultural awareness to increase their capacity for empathy, perspective-taking, and love of diversity
  • developing self-management skills to better label and regulate their emotions especially as it relates to historical and current race-related issues
Environmental Education & SEL

TBW’s environmental learning pathway offers youth experiential and traditional opportunities to…

  • develop social awareness of environmental issues and how these impact communities, and particularly communities of color
  • increase their capacity for empathy and perspective-taking, and to
  • inspire a desire to take positive individual and collective action to protect the environment

We’d love to have you help us!


TBW youth take individual action to support their community through environmental projects.

Untold History

TBW youth will experience BIPOC culture and history through travel, study, and participation in cultural events.

Volunteering Is A Way To Invest

Volunteers are vital to our success!

Whether it’s helping us guide the youth on the bike or behind the scenes in the office, we’re happy that you are willing to lend your expertise in creating a more equitable society for youth of color.

Undoubtedly leaving you with the satisfaction of knowing that, in your unique way, you made a difference.

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