Biking’s My Sport

Newest Member

Monica is the newest member of the Triangle Bikeworks family who found out about Spoke’n Revolutions Youth Cycling from her Mom. A wise woman, she is. Tennis was Monica’s sport of choice for five years before the pandemic.

With that gone, she needed something athletic to do and decided to try biking.

Hundreds of Girls like Monica

Right at this moment, there are hundreds of girls like Monica in the Triangle area who need the benefits sports bring, now more than ever:

Positive Attitude

Boost of Self-esteem

Improves focus

Stress reduction

You can help Girls like Monica

With your help we could show girls just “how easy it is

to ride with Monica as her newest teammate.

Because of COVID-19 We have Funding Gap

As a result, we’ll start the new year with a funding gap of $21,000 across all of our biking programs.

Working within the constraints of COVID-19, we expect to recruit 60 youth to participate in our spring, summer, and fall programs in 2021.

Whether it’s $10 one time, per month, or $100 even. Your investment will allow Triangle

Bikeworks to level the playing field of organized cycling for youth like Monica and inspire them to conquer fear, achieve audacious goals, and discover who they’re really meant to be.

Help us bridge the Gap

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