Right Sized Bikes
Your cash contribution allows the purchase of the right-sized bike for a youth too small to take advantage of any bikes donated.

Clothing and Amenities

Youth need bike clothing that fits them. It provides comfort on long, hot rides. Most donated clothing are men’s and women’s sizes. Help us buy proper fitting cycling gear.

Parts & Gear

Front and back lights are required, but after hundreds of miles replacement tires are also required. So is maintenance from local bike shops, bike parts to make repairs we know how to make, and youth bike clothing.

“If money were no object”…

we would fund everything a youth needs to complete a tour.

Down to the last spork.


Bikes, Water & Soul


 I liked that we got to ask our own questions instead of just getting a lecture.

Our Goal: Ensuring Tour Readiness For 100 Youth

Since 2011, community members like you have transformed the lives of 10-15 youth each summer.

Together, we have the opportunity to reach 100 youth each year by supplying the small things that make a BIG difference.

Right Sized Bikes

Clothing & Amenities

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