Finding a New Sport

“You’d be surprised at how easy it is”

End of The Year Campaign


a New Sport

“You’d be surprised at how fun it is”

End of The Year Campaign


A New Sport

Monica is the newest member of the Triangle Bikeworks family. Tennis was Monica’s sport of choice for five years before the pandemic. With that gone, she decided to try biking.

For William, his previous sport was Tai Kwon Do before he joined Spoke’n Revolutions. Now he’s a happy member of our TYMBR Wolves mountain biking team.

Both of them tried Organized Cycling for the first time and they’re not looking back.

Right now, there are hundreds of boys and girls just waiting to find “their new sport” and have a great time cycling, being outdoors, and enjoying nature. With your help we could show them just “how fun it is” to ride with Spoke’n Revolutions or the TYMBR Wolves as a new teammate.

Youth who consistently participate in organized cycling experience:

Positive Attitude
Boost of Self-esteem
Improved focus
Reduction of Stress

This year hasn’t been normal in any sense.

As a result, we’ll start the new year with a funding gap of $21,000 across all of our biking programs.

We can outfit a youth with a bike and cycling gear. But that’s just the beginning of eleven months of biking, safety training, and experiential learning

$350 is all it takes to invest in one youth to obtain confidence through cycling, experiential learning, and leadership opportunities throughout the year.

Whether it’s $10 one time, per month, or $100 even. Your investment allows Triangle Bikeworks to empower BIPOC youth to conquer their fear, achieve audacious goals, and discover who they really want to be.

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